New York Drivers Face Tougher Penalty for Driving and Using Cell Phone

It appears to be a bad habit most drivers still find hard to break - talking on the cell phone behind the wheel..
But when February 17th arrives, the state's current cell phone law will carry a tougher penalty going from a 0 to 2 point violation; that could mean more fines and court appearances for motorists refusing to put their conversations on hold.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports cell phone related deaths are on the rise.

Robert Sinclair, with tripple 'A,' hopes the threat of a 2 point violation for motorists will force them to think twice before "phoning" while "driving!"
"When you look at the numbers of those involved in distracted driving crashes it certainly makes sense. Four to five thousand crashes per day - five thousand people killed, 500 thousand injured per year," said Robert Sinclair, Jr.

"We join the city and state in encouraging motorists to drive safely." "However, what we are concerned about is the city and state's utilization of the law to raise revenue," said Jeffrey Levine, a traffic attorney of ''

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