Mayor's Future Imperiled by Third-Term Ploy

Sorry, Bloomy - your dream for a third term could be dead in the Hudson.

More than half of city residents still disapprove of the City Council's extension of term limits, which will allow Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run for a third term, according to a NY1 poll conducted this month.

57 percent of New Yorkers polled said that they disagree with the City Council's vote to overturn the term-limits law late last year. Nearly half of the voters also said that the mayor's handling of the term-limits law made them think less of the two-term billionaire.

Polled residents also overwhelmingly said that the No. 1 voting issue on their mind for the 2009 mayoral election will be the job market and the economy.

The city's financial deals with the Yankees and the Mets also met resounding disapproval in the poll  - 59 percent of voters said they disagreed with the city's multi-million dollar pledge to the ball clubs.

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