Want a Date? New York Women Seduced by Scent of Coffee

Survey decodes what turns women on

Looking to attract a New York lady? Grab a cup of joe.

It's an established fact that how a guy smells is one of the top things that determine whether a girl will find him attractive. In fact, two of three women say they are actually more likely to make out with a guy on the first date if he smells good.

Women in New York really get off on the aroma of coffee, according to a survey commissioned by AXE men's grooming products, and considering New York is the nation's top city for singles, gentlemen should use that to their advantage. 

Contrast that with findings from, say, Los Angeles, where women dig a whiff of lavender. In Dallas, women go gaga for the smell of smoke (from campfires and grills, not cigarettes) and in Philadelphia, it’s the smell of clean laundry that gets the juices flowing, the survey found. Overall, the scent of vanilla captivates women across the nation.  

"In each city we tested, girls reported different scent preferences, indicating that geography has a direct correlation to what scents they find attractive," scent expert Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, whom AXE enlisted to compile the findings, said in a statement. "Guys should heed these findings as research has shown that when women are in the presence of a preferred scent, they are more likely to project positive feelings on those around them, which can lead to increased attraction."

The survey also revealed that 56 percent of women nationwide would not date a guy who wears the same cologne as her dad. And here's a dirty little secret; 25 percent of women surveyed said they wait up to a month to change the sheets to keep the scents of her man lingering.

Two thousand women ages 18 through 35 underwent live interviews as to their most preferred aromas.  Two hundred subjects were selected per city.

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