New York Should Tax “Crack and Hookers,” Says Conn. Pol

GOP chief Chris Healy has answer to Empire State's financial woes

A Connecticut republican has popped off, offering a simple solution to the state's massive budget deficit.

"NY should taz (sic) crack and hookers and they would have a surplus," tweeted Connecticut's GOP chair Chris Healy on Dec. 17.

Apparently Healy got the memo from conservative guru Grover Norquist about the party's need to embrace new social networking technology.

Healy's more controversial thoughts come from his "chairmanchris" Twitter account. His other account, CTGop, and his blog The Everyday Republican, were recently suspended.

People "enjoy authenticity, enjoy real expression as it’s defined in that moment," Healy told The Journal Inquirer. "One has to be careful, and there’s always a chance that people could look at it and be offended, but that’s the risk you take when you try to be authentic and show people what’s going on out there."

On Dec. 7 Healy theorized that NBC's David Gregory and Tom Brokaw are "swapping spit" after watching the two men on a broadcast of "Meet the Press."

"I don’t think I’m pushing the envelope too much," said Healy.

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