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Nyack High School Senior Class Holds Candlelight Vigil After Teen Dies on Graduation Day

A day that was supposed to be full of cheers and celebrations suddenly turned into heartbreak for one New York high school class following the mysterious death of one of their classmates on graduation day.

Friday morning started out at graduation practice for the senior class at Nyack High School, but many of them ended up at the hospital, where Kailana Koether ended up dying.

“I can’t believe this happened to Kailana,” one teary-eyed student said. “She always walked the straight and narrow. She did things right.”

After Kailana's passing, graduation was postponed and hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor her instead.

How Kailana died still hasn’t been disclosed, but the school district sent a letter home to students calling it an unthinkable tragedy.

“It's a very sad tragedy,” Maria Young of Nyack said. “It's terrible, I would never put this on anybody. I feel horrible for the parents.”

On a field that was supposed to be filed with happiness and smiles, tears and sadness suddenly filled the stage.

Students will now don caps and gown on Saturday and they will do so with heavy hearts.

“Kailana didn’t live long, but she lived happily and in the end that’s all we can really ask for,” another student said as she wiped away tears.

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