FedEx Trucks Caught Speeding Through Stop Signs on Long Island

Residents in one Long Island town are calling for action after FedEx drivers were caught several times blowing through stop signs in a residential neighborhood.

Delivery trucks for the company were caught on camera twice in the past several days failing to stop at several signs in Long Beach. David Cortes, who recorded video, said he was nearly hit by one of the inattentive FedEx drivers.

“When I get to the stop sign I’m about to take off, the FedEx truck just almost hit me so I stopped short, beeped at him, waved at him,” he said. “He didn't acknowledge me.”

One of Cortes’ videos shows the driver speed through two stop signs, making right turns without even slowing down. In another, a truck is seen passing Cortes’ parked car before running the stop sign. In a third a FedEx truck blows through a stop sign and makes a left turn as a school bus sits parked nearby. 

“I'm a father and it bothers me when I'm at a bus stop and exactly that happens,” he said. “It just blows right by it."

It’s not clear if it was the same driver who was caught on camera in both videos. FedEx told NBC 4 New York that it is investigating the two incidents.

“We expect our drivers to obey all traffic laws and safely operate our vehicles,” the company said. “We take this very seriously and will investigate each incident.”

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