NY Law to Require Single-Use Needles for Tattooing, Piercing

New York will soon require single-use needles and inks by tattoo and piercing studios.

A new law will also require customers to sign consent forms stating the materials were sterile and unpackaged in front of them.

Signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, it's scheduled to take effect in 120 days.

Legislative sponsors say there are no current rules holding tattoo and piercing specialists accountable for materials used, while diseases can be easily spread when needles and ink are re-used.

Signed consent forms would have to be kept for seven years.

State law currently requires permits for studios and individual artists and prohibits tattooing or piercing minors under 18 without the written consent of a parent or guardian.

The state health department recommends customers make sure the artist uses sterile needles.

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