Giants Fans Should Be Thankful Following Loss to Washington

As a thunderstruck world adjusts to a post-Thanksgiving society in which a 5-6 Washington team is leading the NFC East, we turn our attention to the defendants who put them there: The New York Giants.

It’d be easy to look at Sunday’s game and focus on all the things that Big Blue did wrong, but that’d be the attitude of an ingrate. Just four days removed from our national day of Thanksgiving, I’d rather look at the current state of the New York team from the National Football Conference and point out those things for which to be thankful.

Be thankful the Giants played a strong fourth quarter for once.

Be thankful you saw that touchdown catch by Odell Beckham Jr. and that the most exciting player in the NFL plays for your team.

Be thankful the Giants don’t have a Manning under center who should already be retired.

Be thankful all five of the Giants offensive lineman are not out for the year (yet).

Be thankful that wasn’t Preston Parker dropping all those passes yesterday, and that Rueben Randle redeemed himself slightly with that fourth-down touchdown reception.

Be thankful the team had any chance at all yesterday, which is ridiculous when you consider they lost the turnover battle 3-0.

Be thankful for tight end Will Tye, who stepped up in place of the injured Larry Donnell and nabbed six catches for 74 yards.

Be thankful you’re not a Washington fan.

Be thankful you’re not Cowboys fan.

Be thankful you’re not an Eagles fan.

Be extra thankful you’re not a Jets fan.

Be thankful for Cyber Monday.

Be thankful for the new Netflix show “Master of None” with Aziz Anzari, which is hilarious and a great program to binge watch.

Be thankful the NFL playoff system isn’t decided by polls or a selection committee.

Be thankful you stayed up to watch the Broncos hand the Patriots their first loss of the season, because you hopefully went to bed moderately happy.

Be thankful the Giants under Tom Coughlin have been in this position before and know how to respond when the team is under duress.

Be thankful for the return of Jason Pierre-Paul and the Giants defense, which kept the Giants from getting blown out yesterday.

Be thankful for special teams studs Josh Brown and Brad Wing.

Be thankful the team plays in the woeful NFC East, where an 8-win team might very well win the division.

Be finally, be thankful for next week’s intra-MetLife game, as the Giants face the Jets.


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