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New Yorkers Are Paying $12 to Eat an Ice Cream Sundae Topped With Insects

Manhattan ice cream shop La Newyorkina has introduced what may be the most unique sundae the city has to offer.

The Greenwich Village Mexican ice cream and paleta shop tops its new Happy-Hoppy Sundae with chili-coated, crunchy grasshoppers.

The interesting insect topping is paired with Mexican vanilla ice cream that has a hint of chili, mezcal infused caramel sauce and a candied orange slice.

The spicy, sweet and salty flavors seem like they would be palatable, if you can get past the fact that you are eating a dead bug.

Mike Chau, a blogger based in New York, tried the sundae and described the flavors as unexpected.

“The ice cream was great, as always at La Newyorkina. The chapulines [grasshoppers] were very crunchy and salty, and also had a really strong tangy flavor,” Chau said. 

Chau also said he wouldn’t order the sundae again, but felt like it was worth it and fun to try.

If you are interested in trying the sundae for yourself, the one of a kind treat will cost you $12.

The sundae is available through the end of July, but the shop has added the chili grasshoppers as a permanent topping because it has become so popular.

So if vanilla chili ice cream isn't your thing, you can still try the insects on a different flavor of ice cream. 

Though the cricket topping might seem weird, it is actually a popular snack in Mexico, eaten like nuts. The crickets are high-quality and also sustainably sourced, according to the eatery.

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