Attention, Pizza Lovers: Feast Your Eyes on This Massive 2-Foot-Long New York Slice

A New York pizzeria is going big with its two-foot-long slice of pizza.

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Courtesy of Pizza Barn
Feast your eyes on this 2-foot slice being served up at Pizza Barn in Yonkers.
Courtesy of Pizza Barn
This "Super Slice" is topped with chicken and pineapple. The menu also includes a cheeseburger and fries slice, a chicken bacon ranch slice and some more classic options.
Courtesy of Pizza Barn
And if you wanted more carbs on your Super Slice, you can even get it topped with pasta. The slice pictured here is topped with penne alla vodka.
Behold the cheeseburger and fries Super Slice. Yes, those are shoestring fries on that pizza.
Instagram User @soysvuce
Love pizza? Love macaroni and cheese? Then this may be the Super Slice for you.
Instagram User @leahhampton
You could share this slice with your friends, or you can brave it alone.
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