Contractor to Pay $3M to Fix Leaky Hudson Yards Subway Station: MTA

MTA officials say that a contractor will foot a $3 million bill for repairs to leaks in New York City’s newest subway station.

Spokesman Kevin Ortiz said that Yonkers Contracting, which worked on the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station, will also be doing repairs. The newly opened station has widespread leaks and standing water due to a flaw in construction.

“It’s completely unacceptable,” Ortiz said.

The contractor told NBC 4 New York that work would begin this week and will take eight to 12 weeks. 

The shoddy work has forced the MTA to shut down two of the long escalators used to ferry straphangers from ground levels to the platform 11 stories below.

Several bathrooms in the station had to be shut down, and commuters have had to dodge puddles and dripping water more commonly seen in the system's oldest stations.

“This place is leaking,” commuter Jack Jones said. “This is crazy. This is new.”

The station, the first new stop in the system in 26 years, opened in September and cost $2.4 billion to construct.

Then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a ceremonial ride on the 7 train to the stop, which connects with the line at the Times Square station, before leaving office in 2013. The station didn't open until nearly two years later.

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