Mayor de Blasio Does Dramatic Reading of Onion Article on His Snowstorm Warnings

The snowstorm is over but Mayor de Blasio is warning about a "furious hoarfrost bearing down upon us."

Thankfully, he was kidding.

De Blasio entertained reporters in City Hall on Tuesday by doing a dramatic reading of an article from the satirical newspaper The Onion which depicts the mayor warning New Yorkers about a killer storm.

He read the entire 150-word story which included instructions to "clutch your babes close to your breast" before the storm arrives.

The over-dramatic Onion story ran online Monday in the hours before the storm arrived.

In the satirical piece, de Blasio urged New Yorkers to "Reconcile yourself with your God" before the blizzard enveloped the nation's largest city.

In reality, the storm largely missed New York City. 

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