Dating Profile Purports to Be Ex-NYPD Officer in “Cannibal Cop” Case

The former NYPD officer acquitted of conspiring to kidnap, kill and eat his wife and other women is looking to date a “non-judgmental” woman with “a positive outlook on life,” according to a profile featuring photos of the ex-cop.

The profile featuring several photos of Gilberto Valle, the officer who was dubbed the “cannibal cop” by tabloids after his arrest in 2012, says the 30-year-old is looking to get a cup of coffee with a woman who “can make the best out of a situation that is less than ideal.”

Valle was convicted in 2013 of conspiring to kidnap his wife and former college classmates, cook them and dine on their “girl meat.” Valle was released from jail in July after an appeals judge overturned the verdict and said prosecutors failed to prove he had entered into genuine agreements to kidnap the women or taken concrete steps to carry out the alleged plot.

Under the username AmicableOne14, the person purporting to be Valle says he finds it difficult to talk about himself but is loyal, determined, generous and has “the ability to see humor in most situations.” The profile features several photos of Valle and two images of his bulldog.

His interests include alumni connections, cooking, dining out, coffee and conversations, museums and art and exploring new areas. He also said he is “rebounding” from past mistakes but didn’t elaborate further.

“In the short term, I am spending my energy rebounding from the errors I made in my past and am rebuilding my life,” the profile says. “Things are progressing very well on that front and I am just beginning a new career.”

The New York Post reports that Valle claimed to have to have no knowledge about the profile Tuesday.

“A what? A dating profile? No, I’m sorry. I don’t know anything about it,” he told the Post.

When a reporter attempted to show him a screenshot from the profile he said “I don’t want to see it, thanks.”

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