New York

New York City Hosts an Easter Egg Hunt for Visually Impaired Children With a Little Help From the ATF Bureau

Visually impaired children from all over New York City were able to participate in their Easter egg hunt on Thursday with a little help from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The Easter egg hunt was hosted at the Common Cafe on Staten Island, and children were able to hunt for 'beeping eggs' during this first of its kind event in New York.

"I just walked and then I found Easter eggs, and then I kept walking and walking and found more and more and more ... I followed all the beeping," said Milagros Linares, a 7-year-old participating in the event.

The eggs were created by ATF explosive specialists by building a circuit inside of the with a nine-volt battery, wires, and a switch so that it emitted a beeping sound.

"We did the construction at our New York City office, whole team involved, and excited to do it," said Special Agent Ashan Benedict.

Relying heavily on other senses, the children were able to follow the beeping and find the eggs. For some of the children, it was their first Easter eggg hunt.

The event was organized by Holly Bonner, a visually impaired mother of two. Her goal was to make the egg hunt accessible for everyone.

"We are so grateful and thankful to them," said Bonner about the ATF.

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