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NYCHA Public Housing Smoking Ban Begins in New York City

What to Know

  • Smoking is now banned in public housing in NYC, including apartments, common spaces and offices
  • Residents have mixed feelings about this ban and some have filed a lawsuit
  • The ban comes after a federal requirement that gave NYC 18 months to comply

Smoking is now banned in public housing across New York City, and many residents aren't happy about it.

As of Monday, the city banned smoking inside public housing apartments, common areas and offices, and people are no longer allowed to smoke within 25 feet of a public housing building. The ban prohibits cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs.

In 2016 it became a federal requirement for public housing to be smokefree and NYCHA was given 18 months to abide by this.

City officials hope the ban will prevent residents and workers of NYCHA buildings from exposure to second-hand smoke. "It's very harmful for, you know, little kids, people you may not want to smoke around but it's in the air you know. It travels," Miracle Scott said. She is for the ban.

Some residents within the community are against the ban and have filed a lawsuit saying not being allowed to smoke infringes on their rights. "I don't smoke in anybody's face. I'm sure I'm away from you," said Robin Shea, who is against the ban.

While there are mixed feelings towards the ban, the city is hoping it will help people take the first step in quitting.

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