Band of Thieves Steals 73 ATMs in NYC: Sources

A band of thieves has robbed 73 ATMS across New York City over the past year, law enforcement sources tell NBC 4 New York.

As many as five people have worked in the ring, which has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from machines in four of the city's five boroughs since Nov. 2013.

The thieves hit 32 machines from locations in Manhattan, 17 from Brooklyn, 16 from Queens and eight from the Bronx, sources say.

The most recent thefts were on Feb. 16, when the suspects boosted machines from two pizzerias in Manhattan in broad daylight. One of the pizzerias, at Bombay Deli Pizza and Tandoori Restaurant, is less than a block from the NYPD's Midtown South Precinct.

Sources say that thieves began by using crowbars to break into ATMs some time in the last year but have become more brazen as they've committed more robberies. In recent robberies, including one of the two on Feb. 16, thieves used chains and stolen vehicles to rip open the machines.

Sources say police have been able to link the 73 robberies because of similarities between the cases. 

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