Alternate Side Parking Rules Back in Effect After More Than 2 Weeks

After a long reprieve, New York City residents need to move their cars out of the snow-packed streets Tuesday.

Alternate side parking rules are back in effect after being suspended for 18 days due to icy winter weather.

Alternate side parking rules were initially cancelled late last month to assist with snow removal following a winter storm that hit the city with up to 9 inches of snow in some areas. 

For many residents, the change means taking out the snow shovels and digging out their cars after more than two weeks of snow and ice accumulation.

Here are some tips for digging your car out of the snow:

  • Make sure your tailpipe is clear before starting the car to prevent exhaust from building up inside the car.
  • Wear layers, a hat and gloves to keep warm while you are digging out your car.
  • Use a scraper to clear windows and mirrors. Do not use warm water or it could crack the glass.
  • Try not to use a brush on the doors, hood or trunk -- it ruins the car paint.
  • Use a metal shovel to deal with ice. 
  • If ice is surrounding the car, chip away at the ice first, then move onto the snow.
  • If your car is stuck, surround the tires with rock salt or sand. Sliding cardboard under the tires can also create added traction.
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