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LaGuardia Tops List of America's Worst Airports for Delays

What to Know

  • LaGuardia Airport has been ranked the worst for flight delays of the country's 29 major airports
  • Newark and JFK were also some of the worst performing airports on the list
  • The airport in Salt Lake City was the most on time for flight arrivals and departures

Passengers are more likely to be delayed at LaGuardia Airport than any other major airport in the country, according to a study.

Not only that - the three airports serving New York are the some of the worst performing major airports in America when it comes to delays.

An analysis of Bureau of Transportation Statistics data on America’s top 29 airports for passenger traffic shows LaGuardia has the lowest on-time performance for the second year in a row, followed by Newark, San Francisco’s SFO and the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The analysis of the data was done by the Global Gateway Alliance organization, which assessed the last eight months of delay information.

The organization found that only 73 percent of flights arriving and departing from LaGuardia are on time.

And for those waiting for guests to arrive, only 70 percent of arrivals had managed to touch down on time this year.

While LaGuardia was the worst performing airport in the country it was still performing marginally better than it did last year, when only 69 percent of all its flights operated on time.

The analysis found the leading cause of delays at all three airports serving New York was the National Aviation System, or the airspace, affecting approximately one in 10 flights.

The news comes in a year where LaGuardia Airport has also been criticized for extreme traffic jams caused by ongoing construction and a lack of security cameras.

In 2014, Vice President Joe Biden compared the airport to that of one in a third world country.

Top ten on-time major airports:

1. Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)

2. Portland, OR (PDX)

3. Seattle, WA (SEA)

4. Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (MSP)

5. Detroit, MI (DTW)

6. Phoenix, AZ (PHX)

7. Atlanta, GA (ATL)

8. San Diego, CA (SAN)

9. Washington, DC (IAD)

10. Charlotte, NC (CLT)

11. Houston, TX (IAH)

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