Police: New Suspect in Sarah Fox Murder Case, Unsolved for 9 Years

Police have a new suspect in the case of Sarah Fox, a Juilliard student found strangled in Inwood Park in 2004 and whose killer has never been found. 

The 21-year-old Fox was found nine years ago this Saturday, and while there have been many leads in the case since then, none have resulted in arrests. 
Tuesday, NBC 4 New York learned that NYPD detectives are now running forensic tests that might link the crime to a man who law enforcement sources say made incriminating statements to a fellow inmate while serving time at a New England prison. 
The suspect is no longer incarcerated and has denied involvement with the crime, according to sources. 
Mark Tebbens, an NYPD detective, said having a new suspect marked a major development in the case. 
Meanwhile, police say that another man, Dimitry Sheinman, remains a top suspect in the case. Sheinman was known to wander the park where Fox was found and last year, while promoting a book about the murder, said he saw the killer in a vision. 
Sheinman moved to Capetown, South Africa, and has never been charged. 
Tebbens said the goal was to "create closure for the victim's family."
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