Times Square

New possible Times Square thrill ride 40 stories above the ground faces backlash

There could be a new thrill coming to Times Square: a vertical drop ride atop a new skyscraper, dozens of stories in the air.

And perhaps not-so-shockingly, there is some pushback against the plan.

The New York City Department of Buildings has already approved the idea that will transform a 51-story, 1,000-foot tower in the touristy area. The ride would reportedly feature a 300-foot drop that is 40 stories above the ground as it overlooks Eighth Avenue at West 46th Street.

A development group said the plans should never have been permitted due to zoning regulations, but the DOB disagrees. A community board committee was set to have a public hearing Wednesday night regarding the issue.

The Committee for Environmentally Sound Development has come out against the project. The group’s president, Olive Freud, told the NY Daily News that "Coney Island is an amusement park. Midtown is not an amusement park."

As of now, the ride and tower — which reportedly will include hundreds of hotel rooms as well as retail shopping — are slated to be finished in 2027.

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