New Jersey

New Jersey Vegan Food Festival Returns Right Before Thanksgiving

If you want to avoid the turkeys and glazed hams in November, look no further, as the New Jersey Vegan Food Festival is coming right before Thanksgiving.

Presented by Sprout Everywhere, a group dedicated to making New Jersey a more compassionate, healthier and happier place through sustainable living, VegFest features vegan foods, products and clothing from over 100 vendors. From barbecue pizza made with pulled jackfruit to sustainable cork handbags, the festival brings sustainable living in a fun and delicious way.

VegFest is open to everyone, not just vegans. In addition to the vendors, visitors from all backgrounds can enjoy live music, presentations focused on sustainable living and even a vegan mockumentary by comedian Simon Amstell.

“Everybody is welcome at the Vegan Food Festival – whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious or a foodie of any kind,” says VegFest co-founder Kendra Arnold, “This is a fun weekend of eating and entertainment, where people can discover new products and food for plant-based eating over the holidays and into the New Year.”

The New Jersey VegFest will be happening from Saturday, November 16th to Sunday, November 17th at the Meadowlands Expo Center. Tickets can be purchased through Nov. 15th at a discount, but same day purchases are available.

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