New Jersey Uncle Dies After Getting Pinned by Car He Was Working on With Nephew: Prosecutors

Tragedy struck a quiet neighborhood in New Jersey Tuesday night when a 28-year-old man somehow hit and pinned his uncle under a vehicle they were working on together, according to officials.

Police surrounded the home on Salem Road in Paterson around 6:34 p.m. when they received a call about a pedestrian seriously injured after being struck by a car. Officers found 61-year-old Kesnel Rochelyn under a 2004 BMW that was operated by Rochelyn's nephew, Christ Olsen Rochelyn, police said.

Investigators say the two were "working on the vehicle together," but didn't provide other details on how the incident occurred.

Neighbors said they heard a crash of some sort and when they came out to the street, one of them saw a young man crying near the scene, looking visibly distraught.

The investigation is on going, police said.

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