New Jersey

Troopers Buy Pizza for Travelers Stranded at New Jersey Airport

When bad weather stranded travelers inside a closed airport Sunday night, two New Jersey state troopers ordered and personally paid for 15 pizzas, witnesses say on social media. 

Samantha Metallo wrote in a Facebook post that an airline canceled a flight at Atlantic City International Airport Sunday night, leaving more than 100 people stranded in a closed airport, with no food or transportation available. 

The airline only offered cookies to the customers, Metallo said. 

"Meanwhile Trooper Adotta and Trooper Mercurio stepped up!" Metallo wrote. "Without hesitation, the two gentlement ordered and paid for 15 pizzas to feed the stranded passengers." 

"Neither of the troopers wanted to be recognized for the generosity (thus the photo from the security cameras), however it's selfless actions like this that should be shared and praised!" she continued. 

It wasn't directly clear how Metallo obtained the surveillance photo. A message sent to her on Facebook wasn't immediately returned. 

But New Jersey State Trooper Fraternal Association President Chris Burgos confirmed that two of his troopers did buy the pizzas for stranded fliers and that the Facebook posting accurately described what happened Sunday night. 

He said he's "very proud of what they did; it's what we do every day."

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