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New Jersey Property Taxes Highest in the Nation, New Report Shows

At the county and city level, the tri-state area was still near the top of the list

New Jersey residents, prepared to be stunned. Believe it or not, unimaginable as it may be ... your property taxes are the highest in the country.


A new report from RealtyTrac shows that Garden State homeowners paid the highest effective property tax rate last year, at 2.31 percent. The data will come as little surprise in a state where complaining about property taxes is a regular pastime and candidates for governor make cutting them a standard-issue proposal. 

Elsehwere in the region, Connecticut (2 percent) and New York (1.88 percent) weren't much better in terms of tax burden.

ATTOM Data Solutions
Property taxes in many tri-state area counties are among the highest in the nation.

At the county level, only nine large counties nationwide reported average annual property taxes in excess of $10,000; eight of them were in the tri-state area. Westchester County topped the list with an average annual property tax in excess of $16,000.

ATTOM Data Solutions, which crunched the numbers, separately looked at the 217 markets in the country with a population of at least 200,000 people.

Of the five most-taxed towns in that group, four were in New York and New Jersey, led by Binghamton at 3.1 percent. 

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