NJ Police Seek Suspect in 200 Burglaries

The burglaries occurred in Essex, Union, Passaic and Morris counties

Police in four New Jersey counties are searching for a man who they say has committed 200 burglaries over the last two years.

The burglaries occurred in Essex, Union, Passaic and Morris counties, where the man’s preferred targets have been Chinese restaurants and other small businesses.

According to police, a security camera inside the Number One Chinese restaurant on Main Street in West Orange captured the man breaking in and leaving with the restaurant’s cash register two weeks ago.   

West Orange Police connected the man to the other burglaries after sending his image out to other departments.

"We received countless phone calls from different police departments around the state that they have the same suspect on video also committing similar type burglaries with the same method of operation," Lieutenant Richard Levens told NBC 4 New York. "Normally he'll kick his way or force his way through the lower portion of a glass door of a Chinese restaurant or a deli and then he crawls his way in the front door and spends some time taking the cash register."

Police said the man has also used a crow bar to gain entrance in some cases.

While the majority of burglaries have been in commercial businesses, police in Montclair now say the same man is also a suspect in the break-in of a home.

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