New Jersey

New Jersey Neighborhood Dog Caught on Camera Interrupting Bear's Binge on Birdseeds

A friendly neighborhood dog can expect a big reward after it chased off a hungry bear away from a home in New Jersey.

Mark Stinziano of Hewitt posted a video of the brave canine on Facebook on Tuesday. The footage showed a bear happily munching on seeds from his bird feeder until his neighbor's dog, Riley, stepped in.

Appearing seemingly out of nowhere, Riley zoomed in and nudged the bear that  was twice his size away.

"My neighbors dog is getting a steak dinner next time I see him. He is an awesome pup that comes to check on the kids from time to time. Now he is keeping them safe!," Stinziano wrote.

Black bears will eat almost anything including human food, garbage, pet food, birdseed and small livestock, according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

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