Kindergartner's ABCs Help Save Dad's Life

A New Jersey kindergartner is being credited for saving his father's life -- and it's because he knows the alphabet. 

Five-year-old Nathaniel Darcy Jr., who attends Newark's North Star Public School, was on his way home from buying new school shoes when his father got violently ill behind the wheel of their car. Nathaniel's father was able to pull over, but then became paralyzed by a violent seizure. 

"He got out of the car and started throwing up," said Nathaniel. 

The boy stepped into action, using his father's phone to call his grandmother. In his own way, he was able to tell her where they were.

"He said, 'Come and help me and my daddy. We're in trouble,'" recalled Susan Hardy-Blackman.

She asked her grandson where they were. Unable to read the store sign in front of him, Nathaniel spelled it out. 


Susan was still confused and still worried. 

"He said, 'Grandma, use your active listening skills,'" she said. "'Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth.'"

Nathaniel was able to offer one more vital clue.

"We just went through the tunnel," he said. 

Hardy-Blackman realized Nathaniel was talking about the popular Furniture 22 store on Route 22 near the tunnel. She called 911, and emergency responders took the father and son to the hospital, where Nathaniel's mother met them. 

"They saved each other's lives," said Janelle Blackman. "My husband knew to pull over. My son knew to take action."

Nathaniel's father remains hospitalized and unable to talk. Doctors said he had an aneurysm and stroke, and is lucky to be alive -- thanks to nine letters and the young man who recited them all. 

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