New Jersey

Kidnap Attempt of 6-Year-Old in New Jersey Was ‘Highly Unlikely': Howell Police Chief

A reported abduction attempt in a New Jersey town on Sunday where a man had allegedly put a paper bag over a 6-year-old girl's head is now believed to be a false report, according to the police chief.

Howell Township Chief Andrew Kudrick Jr. says in the Facebook update on Tuesday that following more than two days of investigation and increased patrols around Crooked Stick Court, no evidence surfaced and it was determined that the kidnap attempt was "highly unlikely."

Investigators initially said the girl was playing outside with her friends and the possible kidnapping attempt occurred after her friends went inside while she cleaned up toys. There was also a surveillance video and audio, discovered on Monday, where the girl can be seen but there's a short period where she's out of the camera's sight.

Chief Kudrick said a forensic interview designed for children was conducted Tuesday. Detectives retraced the child's footsteps and established a timeline but it was found that no one could have had the opportunity to get close to the girl.

"Based upon all that has been presented to me including an extensive investigation, lack of any type of evidence, video/audio footage and the result of the interview with the child, I do not believe this act occurred," Kudrick wrote.

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