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New Jersey Home Stalked by ‘The Watcher' Up for Sale Again

"Do you need to fill the house with the young blood I requested?" said one creepy letter from "The Watcher"

What to Know

  • "The Watcher" is a creepy-letter watcher who says it is their duty to watch over a million dollar home in New Jersey
  • The Westfield home is now back up for sale yet again
  • The story recently made the Thrillist's list of "Creepiest Urban Legends in Every State"

A New Jersey house whose current owners were scared off the property by a creepy letter writer known as "The Watcher" is up for sale again.

Derek and Maria Broaddus bought the Westfield home in 2014, but they didn't move in after receiving the first of four letters from the anonymous stalker. The family tells that the letter writer requested information about their children.

The house, which went up for sale on Monday, was previously listed in March 2016.

The Broadduses say they can't live in the house because of the letters, which they say came from someone with a "mentally disturbed fixation" on the home. They say they received the last letter earlier this year. The family's attorneyLee Levitt said the letter contained specific threats and was "more derogatory and sinister than any of the previous letters."

In one of the earlier correspondences, the stalker asked whether the new family brought him the "young blood" that he requested.

Westfield police have previously said there's no suspect in the case.

Just recently, the house was listed on a new report as the top urban legend in New Jersey. 

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