New Jersey

The Tri-State Has Some of the Country's Least Safe Drivers, Report Says

You may want to be extra careful while driving in the tri-state. 

New Jersey, New York and Connecticut drivers have been ranked among the least safe in the nation, according to a new report. 

All three states landed in the bottom ten.

Connecticut was ranked the lowest, coming in at No. 49, but New York and New Jersey didn't do much better.

New Jersey landed at No. 47 and New York came in at No. 44. 

The report scored the unsafe habits of drivers from 1 to 100 in five categories based on driver data collected over the past year by safe-driving app, EverDrive by online insurance marketplace EverQuote, Inc.

The EverDrive app uses technology to measure and rank driving behavior including speeding, phone use, braking, turns and risky acceleration.

The scoring system regards 100 as the best rating and 1 as the poorest. 

Connecticut's overall score was 71 with speeding being its worst offense.

EverDrive says Connecticut drivers exceeded the speed limit on 53 percent of trips tracked on the app.

New Jersey scored a 73. The app says 38 percent of recorded drives contain at least one distracted driving event. New Jersey drivers also exceeded the speed limit on 44 percent of trips. 

As for New York, the Empire State received a score of 74. Speeding was also an issue for New York drivers, with 42 percent of recorded trips containing speeding.

The national score was 79, according to EverDrive.

EverDrive is an app that runs in the background while you drive to automatically record and score trips.

This report is based on more than 2.7 million vehicle trips and 230 million miles driven, according to EverDrive.

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