New Jersey

New Jersey Teens Mowed Down Geese With SUV, Posted Video to Snapchat: SPCA

Two New Jersey teens were arrested on animal cruelty charges after one allegedly lured a family of geese onto a road, then posted video of the other apparently mowing down the fowl with an SUV to the social media app Snapchat, authorities say.

The 17-year-old boys, both juniors at Colonia High School in Middlesex County, allegedly recorded video of one of them running over three geese in a roadway on June 8, according to the New Jersey SPCA.

The short video shows the geese sitting in the roadway. The SUV zooms by, crushing the geese underneath. Laughter can be heard off-camera as the vehicle leaves the frame. The carcass of at least one goose was found later on Dorsett Drive.

The teens allegedly uploaded the video to Snapchat afterwards, and the footage was circulated among students at the school.

The teens allegedly admitted to killing the geese during questioning.

The SUV seen in the video still had feathers embedded into the bumper, license plate and bumper, authorities say.

Each teen faces third-degree animal abuse charges, authorities say. Their names aren’t being released because they are both minors, and their cases will likely be heard in family court.

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