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New Jersey Family's Halloween Display So Gory and Realistic That Neighbors Call Police

A New Jersey family's gory Halloween display is so detailed and realistic that it's gotten the attention of local police.

The display on the Negrottos' front yard in Waretown shows what appears to be a bloodied car pinning a body to a tree, surrounded by crime scene tape. 

Krysten and Kevin Negrotto even concocted a back story for the gruesome car wreck display, according to They wrote on a posterboard that the dummy, "Bob," became zombified after drinking contaminated water and that the family had to "act fast" -- so they hopped into their Supra and mowed down the zombie.

Not everyone was amused by the display, however. Neighbors called police to complain about the display, and officers showed up at the Negrotto home. 

"I have now just had Waretown police at my door for ignorant people calling about my Halloween display, because this person 'wants it taken down,'" Krysten Negrotto wrote on Facebook last week. 

It turned out the officers "loved" the display and encouraged her to add more, according to Negrotto. 

"So thanks for the call, Waretown PD approved... Stop wasting these officers' time on stupid complaints over our HALLOWEEN decor when they could be out saving real lives," she wrote. 

Negrotto told said one disapproving spectator yelled from a passing car that they were going to "grow up to be horrible individuals." 

Still, Negrotto says they're holding fast to the display and are even adding another dummy to the display, which they'll call Zombie Cindy. 

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