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New Jersey EMT Squad Surprised by Good Samaritan Paying for Breakfast Tab

What to Know

  • Members of Toms River First Aid Squad had their $77 tab at IHOP paid for by an anonymous benefactor who left a note
  • The note said 'Thank you for all you do!' and it was signed 'Recovering Addict'
  • The squad members hope to find the woman so they can thank her in person

An anonymous benefactor surprised some emergency responders in New Jersey by paying their breakfast tab with a note saying "Thank you for all you do!" and signed "Recovering Addict."

Five Toms River First Aid Squad members had just finished eating Friday at a restaurant when they learned a woman had paid their $77 bill. The group had gone there after finishing an overnight shift.

Squad Captain Alyssa Golembeski told the note left the table "practically in tears," calling it "a reminder that there is still so much good in the world." She says it's not uncommon for community members to approach them with thanks or kind words, but having a complete stranger pay their bill was "astounding."

The Toms River First Aid Squad's Facebook posted about the paid bill, saying the gift was "amazingly thoughtful."

"To the woman who paid our tab today at IHOP, thank you so much for paying for our breakfast," the post read in part. "We are so blessed to be able to serve you and everyone else who lives and works in the greater Toms River area."

The squad members hope to find the woman so they can thank her in person.

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