Eggs, Chairs Fly During Massive Brawl at NJ Denny’s

Police are looking for the brawlers involved in a wild melee in a New Jersey Denny's over the weekend that sent chairs crashing into plates of pancakes and diners ducking for cover. 

It's not clear what spurred the fight early Saturday at the restaurant in Vineland, but social media users caught the fisticuffs on camera. 

The footage shows more than a dozen people chucking chairs across the restaurant. Plates of unattended food get smashed and people scream as they take off in an attempt to avoid the debris. 

The Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office called the fight "nonsensical behavior" in a Facebook post and added that it was planning to charge those involved with criminal mischief. 

Anyone with information on the fight should call 856-691-4111.

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