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New Jersey Issues Advisories, Closes Some Beaches After Bacteria Turns Up in Water Testing

UPDATE: Officials say all New Jersey beaches are opened Thursday and will be open this weekend after resampling of water in affected areas showed samples met the state's recreational bathing standard. 

Fifteen New Jersey swimming beaches are closed and 4 others are under an advisory after test results showed rising levels of bacteria. 

The state Department of Environmental Protection issues an advisory when a sample exceeds the state standard for the presence of Enterococci, a type of bacteria found in animal and human waste.

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Swimming advisories warn the public of potentially unhealthy water conditions. Additional sampling is conducted until water quality results are again within the standard.

Beaches are closed if two consecutive samples collected at a bathing beach exceed the state standard. Beach closings remain in effect until subsequent sampling indicates that bacteria levels are again below the standard. 

The closure applies to water activities like swimming, wading and playing in the water. Other beach-related activities like sunbathing and walking on the beach are unaffected. 

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The following beaches are closed: 


  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): Montgomery Ave
  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): Annapolis Ave
  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): Pennsylvania
  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): North Carolina
  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): Georgia
  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): Missouri
  • Atlantic City
    Beach (Ocean): Bartram
  • Somers Point City
    Beach (Bay): New Jersey Ave
  • Ventnor City
    Beach (Ocean): Austin Ave
  • Ventnor City
    Beach (Ocean): Dorset
  • Ventnor City
    Beach (Ocean): New Haven
  • Ventnor City
    Beach (Ocean): Washington


  • Beachwood Borough
    Beach (River): Beachwood Beach West

  • Island Heights Borough
    Beach (River): Summit

  • Pine Beach Borough
    Beach (River): West Beach Avon Rd
  • Stafford Township
    Beach (Bay): Jennifer

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Advisories have been issued for the following beaches:


Barnegat Light Borough

  • Beach (Bay): 25th St. Bay Front

Long Beach Township

  • Beach (Bay): New Jersey
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