More Luring Attempts in Westchester County: Police

A man exposed himself to two teenage girls in Westchester on Monday, a week after a similar incident was reported the week before.

Two 13-year-old girls were approached Monday afternoon by a man who fits the same description as the police sketch released following last Monday’s attempted luring of two teenage girls in Westchester County.

Police say the girls were approached Monday as they walked on Roosevelt Avenue toward Playland Ice Casino in Rye.

A man in a white Subaru called the girls over to ask for directions before exposing himself and speaking lewdly, police said.

"We're conducting canvasses of the area and pulling surveillance video as we speak and we're really informing the public to be on the look out for suspicious vehicles, fitting this description,” police commissioner Michael Corcoran said.

The Subaru sedan is described as having a distinctive spoiler on the back and New York plates with at least one letter “G” and a silver plate holder.

Crime alerts have gone out to schools in the area, urging parents and children to be vigilant.

Since last Monday, there have been three separate reports of predatory men trying to lure young girls into their cars.

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