Connecticut Town May Add Cameras to Catch Dog Pooper Scooper Scofflaws

A Connecticut town is considering installing cameras at a park to catch dog owners who continually don't clean up after their pets. 

The New Canaan Parks and Recreation Commission has even created a "Dog Litter Committee" to brainstorm ideas on how to address irresponsible owners.

"It’s disrespectful it’s disgusting it’s just unnecessary," said Allyson Halm, a New Canaan Animal Control Officer.

The ideas range from putting flags by the piles that say "shame on you' to the more recent idea of installing motion activated cameras in the park.

"Treat the place like it’s yours because if we don’t pick up who will?" said one dog owner.

The camera idea is currently just that, and has not moved forward. Authorities will also be stepping up their presence in the park.

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