New Jersey Fire Official Who Hit 3 in Crosswalk: “Hope Kids Are Doing Well”

New Brunswick Fire Director Robert Rawls refused to comment further on the accident

The local fire director whose lengthy record of accidents, license suspensions and traffic violations was uncovered by NBC 4 New York last week after he hit three children crossing a street with his SUV said in his first public comment that he hopes the "kids are doing well."

Robert Rawls refused to comment further to Telemundo on his lengthy driving record or on the accident. 

He also declined to comment on allegations by the father of one of the girls hit in the accident, 14-year-old Joselyn Palaez, that he didn't out of his car to help the children after he hit them. 

NBC 4 New York obtained four of Rawls' accident reports from north Brunswick Monday, out of a total of 19 accidents he's had there and throughout the area in his driving career.

In one accident, he received a ticket; in another, no one received a citation. And in the two others, the other driver appeared to be at fault.

New Brunswick officials said in a statement that nothing in his recent driving record suggests any immediate disciplinary action is required. They said they are continuing to investigate last week's accident. 

Martin Perez of the Latin Leadership Alliance said, "The city, to allow a person with such a bad record driving a city car, I think that is irresponsible." 

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