Engineer Turns Big Mouth Billy Bass Into a Alexa-Powered Smart Speaker

Your childhood Big Mouth Billy Bass just got an upgrade.

Jessie Carabajal, a network engineer from San Antonio, Texas, has programmed an old Billy Bass to be a smart speaker.

"I've always been fascinated with technology and finding ways to connect things together." said Carabajal.

After seeing a similar project on Reddit, Carabajal decided to try and build his own as something fir his kids to play with.

Using $50 worth of parts, a used Billy Bass from eBay, and the Alexa software, Carabajal was able to program the fish to respond to questions and mimic the movement when responding.

Carabajal had posted the video in response to another Reddit user that has helped him with the script, saying, "I was also able to get Billy Bass to trigger my robot vacuum to start a cleaning cycle which I find cool."

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