Benjamin Carroll

Neo-Nazi Flyers Pop Up Near NY School, Replaced With Message of ‘Love'

The flyers were ripped down and replaced with a new message that read 'Love Croton has no room for hate'

What to Know

  • Neo-Nazi flyers have been popping up near schools in Croton-on-Hudson
  • The school district sent a warning out about the messages of hate, but said the village is powerless to take them down
  • However, the posters didn't last long because someone ripped them down and replaced them with a 'love' message

Signs of hate are popping up all over a Westchester County community, but neighbors are fighting back with a message of their own.

Neo-Nazi flyers have been posted outside the high school and the middle school in Croton-on-Hudson, a town with a population of just 8,000.

“This is not the Croton that I know,” one woman said. “Croton is really known to be a very liberal and open-minded community.”

The white nationalist group named on the flyers is called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Croton-Harmon school district put out a warning to parents, but also said the village was powerless to take them down.

“We have been advised by the Croton Police Department, that on the advice of legal counsel, they cannot remove the posters,” Dr. Deborah O'Connell, Croton-Harmon Schools Superintendent said.

The police department did not immediately responded to News 4’s messages for comment.

Regardless, the flyers didn’t stay up for long because someone ripped down every single one of them and replaced them with a new flyer that reads “Love Croton has no room for hate.”

“I think it’s ridiculous to be honest with you,” Croton-on-Hudson resident Wayne Watson said. “It seems like this country is going backwards.”

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