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Evicted NY Woman Leaves Landlord Parting Gift — and Discovery Yields a Police Call

The rabbits found in a woman's house following her eviction will be placed in foster homes

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A woman evicted from a house in upstate New York left her landlord a parting gift: nearly 60 malnourished rabbits hopping from room to room and in the basement.

The woman now faces six misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty charges, according to the Niagara Gazette.

Authorities said they chased down 57 rabbits Thursday from the home near Niagara Falls.

Police were summoned to the house when the homeowner paid a visit.

In a social media post, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it previously removed some of the animals from the same home in April.

“They tried to help the owner get the numbers of animals down to a manageable level. At the time, 30 rabbits were moved out of the house and 10 remained. Sadly, it seems they were moved temporarily only to be brought right back to the residence after the inspection,” SPCA officials said.

Authorities said the bunnies were found in every room of the house, including the basement. Some were emaciated and in filthy condition.

The SPCA said foster homes will be found for the abandoned animals.

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