NBC 4 New York Volunteers for Comcast Cares Day

The NBC 4 New York family is out and about in New York, volunteering in the community in honor of Comcast Cares Day.

12 photos
NBC 4 New York’s Lauren Scala, Natalie Pasquarella, and Dave Price painting their dreams on Comcast Cares Day!
NBC 4 New York's Sibila Vargas is getting some painting done on Comcast Cares Day!
NBC 4 New York's Sibila Vargas, Chuck Scarborough, and Janice Huff are all smiles on Comcast Cares Day!
NBC 4 New York's Andrew Siff introduces his son to Sen. Chuck Schumer on Comcast Cares Day!
NBC 4's Natalie Pasquarella and Dave Price put the finishing touches on a planter box at PS 149 in Harlem.
President and General Manager for NBC 4 New York Eric Lerner getting the crowd pumped up for Comcast Cares Day!
Here's NBC 4 New York’s Andrew Siff, Dave Price, Natalie Pasquarella, and Stefan Holt teaming up to make planter boxes on Comcast Cares Day!
NBC 4 New York’s Stefan Holt, Dave Price and Natalie Pasquarella join the fun on Comcast Cares Day!
Apparently the key to building this planter box is NBC 4 New York's Marc Santia! Looking good, Erica Grow and Andrew Siff!
Hard at work! NBC 4 New York's Marc Santia and Erica Grow build planter boxes on Comcast Cares Day at PS 149 in Harlem.
Here's NBC 4 New York's Harry Cicma painting with the NBC family during Comcast Cares Day.
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