Tyra Banks Stalker Found Guilty

Supermodel stalker will face sentencing

This supermodel stalker was no match for the judge.

A crazed fan who allegedly moved to New York to be closer to Tyra Banks was found guilty of stalking the runway diva Thursday after the "America's Next Top Model" host testified he made her fear for her safety, the New York Daily News reported.

Brady Green, a Brooklyn supermarket worker who was "deeply moved" by Banks' shows, won't face jail time -- but it wasn't immediately clear what his sentence would be, the News reported.

Green allegedly moved to New York earlier this year to get closer to the former "Sports Illustrated" model, who he was obsessed with for years, prosecutors said. 

He attempted to gain access to a studio where Banks films her talk show, "The Tyra Banks Show," several times in 2008, and sent the star dozens of roses attached to notes that read "when I see you, I love you," prosecutors said.

When he tried to slip past security after already landing on the "do not admit" list, he was arrested. Cops cuffed Green near the studio, where they found him carrying three magazines with Banks on the cover and a pocket Bible.

Green also threatened to slit a show staffer's throat as he snuck into the studio, prosecutors said.

"I fear for my safety," a shaken Banks told the courtroom yesterday as she testified for the judge and jury.

"I fear the safety of my family. I fear the safety of people in my vicinity," she said.

Banks now travels everywhere with a full staff of security, she told the court.

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