Santana: “Case is Closed” on Sexual Assault Allegation

Mets ace responds to release of graphic October police report

Mets ace Johan Santana was accused of sexually assaulting a woman on a Florida golf course last October, but investigators never filed charges, citing a lack of evidence, according to reports.

Following the release of the woman’s graphic police report by, Santana addressed what happened briefly on Wednesday.

“I am aware of this situation,” Santana told reporters Wednesday, reading from a statement ahead of the Mets’ game against the Detroit Tigers. “What I can tell you is that the police investigated these claims last year, and I was never charged with anything, and the case is closed. Unfortunately, at this time, that’s all I can say, and I’ll have no further comments.”

According to the sheriff's report, Santana was with the unnamed woman on a golf course in a gated Lee County community on the night of Oct. 27. The woman says the married father of three forced himself sexually on her.

The woman told detectives that she repeatedly told Santana that she didn't want to have sex. Afterward, she said she watched him play tennis.

The state attorney's office declined to prosecute the case in January.

"It looks like a 'He said, She said' type of thing," explained Lee County Sheriff spokesman Tony Schall to the New York Daily News. "There wasn't enough evidence to prove a lack of consent."

In a statement Wednesday, the Mets said they are aware of the situation and that "it's a personal matter."

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