Knicks Star Nate Robinson Arrested

Robinson nabbed for driving with suspended license

Nate Robinson has gotten slam-dunked by the cops.

The pint-sized Knicks guard was nabbed by the NYPD Tuesday and arrested for driving with a suspended license, the New York Post reported.

Robinson was booked at the 52nd Precinct in the Bronx this evening after cops pulled his vehicle over for an as-yet-unknown reason.

The guard tweeted on his cell phone during the exchange with the cops, saying that he was pulled over because of his dark-tinted windows.

"Cops pulled me over cuz my windows were 2 dark (but my windows were down) lol how funny is that," the 5-foot, 7-inch baller wrote.

The Knick, 25, who was riding with New Jersey Nets newbie Terrence Williams, also tweeted that the cops kept him waiting for over half an hour while they processed his papers.

"I am still pulled over and its been 35 min they have me sit in my truck like i dnt have s#*+2 do lol," the Post reported he wrote. The tweets have since been removed from Robinson's page.

Despite his height, Robinson has twice won the league's slam-dunk competition and is known as "Krypto-Nate."

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