“Jersey Shore” Returns with More Drama

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” kicked off its second season with plenty of drama and a few grenades.

With their usual Seaside Heights pad fouled by wintry weather, Snooki, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Jenni “J-Woww” and the rest of the “Shore” crew have embarked on a road trip, bringing their fist pumping ways to sunny Miami.

Once arrived, the show features two major storylines amid the familiar backdrop of hot-tubing, primping and clubbing. (As for GTL – gyms, tan, and laundry – well, that will have to wait until later this season…Although, Snooki did say having to hand wash clothes in a sink made her feel like a “pilgrim in the freakin’ ‘20s”).

In what could shape up to be the defining conflict of the new season, though, it’s looking like it’s all the women of the “Shore” house against Angelina Pivarnick of Staten Island, New York.

Angelina left early from the show the first season after having sparred with several cast members. On Thursday’s episode, she says she’s grateful to get another chance back on the show -- but it’s clear her housemates aren’t going to make up so easy.

A few scenes of passive-aggressive cattiness lead to this full-throated exchange in the girls' cab on the cast’s first night out clubbing:

“You don’t deserve to be here, Angelina, and you’re a [explicative] white rat and you’re [explicative] pale and you’re nasty,” Snooki says.

Angelina shoots back: “Yeah, okay and you’re too tan.”

“I am tan and I like being tan, b----,” Snooki replies as she leaves the car with J-Woww and Sammi “Sweetheart” Gincola.

Meanwhile, in the guy’s cab – crickets.

In the other major story line of the show, Sammi “Sweetheart” has realized that she still has feelings for Ronnie Magro, her bulky former squeeze last season.

It’s unclear what Ronnie still thinks of her, but when the pair is out at the club they start arguing. Eventually, Ronnie calls her the “C” word.

Sammi sulks home. “Single Ronnie” returns to the club and begins creepin’ on girls, no matter if they’re attractive or, as The Situation puts it, a grenade.

The episode ends with Ronnie kissing two girls at once, while Sammi pines for him at her new “Shore” digs.

Angelina realizes that she could tell Sammi the truth later about what her ex-man is up to. But then again why should she?

They aren’t friends.

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