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News 4's Natalie Pasquarella Gives Birth to Baby Boy After Her Water Breaks on Air

News 4’s Natalie Pasquarella gave birth to a baby boy Wednesday -- after her water broke live, on air during News 4 New York at 11.

Pasquarella was answering a question about Twitter’s new character limit near the end of Tuesday's broadcast when she let out an uneasy laugh. That was the second she went into labor.

A true professional, she waited until the show was off the air before letting someone know the baby was coming. News 4 New York at 11's executive producer and others at 30 Rockefeller Plaza helped get her to a hospital, where she met her husband, Jamin.

Then, 13 hours later, baby Jamin James Pastore -- so excited to meet his parents he came early -- was born, weighing in at 5 pounds and 6 ounces.

She says she and her husband are overyjoyed to meet their new son.

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