Naked Cowboy Throws His Hat in the Ring

Watch out, Bloomie, the Times Square fixture is running for mayor

After a careful survey of the field of mayoral candidates, the Naked Cowboy has decided the time is right to make his bid for City Hall.

"No one knows how to do more with less than yours truly, and that's the kind of thinking I plan on sharing with my fellow New Yorkers when you elect me," Robert Burck, aka The Naked Cowboy, said in the statement announcing his candidacy.

Burck is vowing to bring "transparency to a whole new level," and says his platform will offer a fresh take on tax breaks, tourism, gay marriage, public transport and homeland security, reports Reuters.

The homepage of Burck's website now sports a a guitar-picked shaped knock-off of President Obama's logo. The flash page then evolves to show a silhouette of the Cowboy and then promises a "big announcement" that you can hear first on MySpace, Twitter or facebook.

With plenty of New Yorkers still angry with Bloomberg for his term-limits end-run, most not knowing who Bill Thompson and Anthony Weiner opting for nuptials over politics, Burck's only real competition may come from the Rev. Billy.

Once just another pantsless loon wandering the streets of New York City with a guitar, Burck has improbably crafted a career for himself selling underwear and all manner of memorabilia on-line while making appearances across the country. 

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