‘My Mommy Falled Down:' Cops Release NJ 4-Year-Old's Heroic 911 Call

As if the girl's heroics for her mother weren't enough, she was also able to feed her three younger siblings -- a 2-year-old and twin 1-year-olds -- breakfast while telling them, "Mommy was going to be okay"

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What to Know

  • A New Jersey girl helped get her mother help after she collapsed, calling 911 and getting first responders there as soon as possible
  • She also helped feed her three younger siblings while reassuring them that "mommy was going to be okay"
  • Little Isla Glaser's mother was rushed to the hospital and spent a few days there but is now recovering at home

Police have released the 911 call a heroic 4-year-old New Jersey girl made when her mother suddenly collapsed and became unresponsive this month.

Isla Glaser was home -- in the Somerset section of Franklin Township -- with her mom, her twin 1-year-old brothers and her 2-year-old sister on December 6 when her mother suddenly fell ill. Isla couldn't wake her.

She did what any precocious 4-year-old would do: Call 911.

"My mommy falled down. She can't talk," Isla told the dispatcher.

"Is she sleeping?" the dispatcher asks.

"No," the little girl says. After a series of questions -- are her eyes open? can you wake her up? -- the dispatcher tells Isla to hold tight and know that help is on the way. Isla goes along with it all, explaining that her younger siblings are home with her and trying to hush the barking family dog.

Help came quickly, but first responders found the door was locked. They were able to talk with little Isla through the door, telling her to get a chair so she could reach the lock and let them in, Franklin police said. The girl dragged a chair over to the door and was soon able to get the responders inside, where they found her mother, Haley Glaser, unconscious on the floor.

As if Isla's heroics for her mother weren't enough, she was also able to take care of her three younger siblings while the first responders provided care to the mother. The little girl gave her siblings breakfast and assured them that "Mommy was going to be okay," police said.

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Haley Glaser was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for four days. Police didn't detail whatever medical issue caused the collapse, but Haley Glaser is now recovering at home. Cops said that if it was not for Isla's swift response, her mother might not have fared so well.

She was honored for her heroism at Franklin Police Headquarters Wednesday afternoon.

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