Multiple Arrested, Given Summonses Linked to Illegal Activity at LI Bars

Multiple people were arrested, and given summonses in connection with building and fire code violations at Huntington Station Saturday, authorities said.

The bars affiliated with those arrested were targeted by officials because of MS-13 and other illegal activity, authorities said.

At Santa Rosa Restaurant on West Hills Road, an illegal gambling operation was discovered in the basement. The owner, Nelly Garcia, 42, received summonses for violations of the Alcohol Beverage Control Law and  fire code violations. In addition, the following were arrested there:

• Santiago Garcia, 53, for alleged criminal nuisance

• Jose Garcia-Garcia, 25, for allegedly promoting gambling

• Nicomades Biloreo, 51, for allegedly possessing a gambling device 

• Carlos Velasquez, 39, for allegedly possessing a gambling device

• Jose Guevara Canales, 20, for alleged criminal impersonation and alleged criminal possession of a weapon

At La Perfecta Bar & Restaurant on Broadway, manager Jesus Rivera was cited for numerous violations of the Alcohol beverage Control Law and received summonses for building code violations.

Celso Lopez Merino, 56, was arrested there for alleged criminal possession of a controlled substance.

At El Triunfo Tavern Corp on New York Avenue, the owner, Nery Menendez, 49, received a summons for a fire code violation.

At Safiro Bar on New York Avenue, Alexander Sanchez, 31, was taken into custody by HSI special agents when it was discovered that he had been deported on two previous occasions.

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